MISEC Data solutions enable you to make use of your data for strategic planning and profit maximization. MISEC helps to get value in your data. MISEC offers free Data Usage Advice to its clients to enable them to fully utilize data in their premises. Our data solutions are implemented using both open source and commercials tools.

Data Storage

MISEC helps your business to store  information. MISEC offers Database Development, Data Collection and Big Data Storage . Technologies which are used includes PosgreSQL, MySQL and Hadoop platform.

Data Warehousing & BI Reporting

MISEC uses Pentaho to develop Data Warehousing Systems. Business Intelligence Reporting services are offered using Pentaho and Microsoft PowerBI.

Data Science

MISEC uses RapidMiner  to perform data preparation, machine learning, and predictive model deployment services. R is used for Statistical Analysis, Data Mining and Data Visualization.  MISEC offers Data Mining Training and Services to businesses.