MISEC Software Solutions include Website Development, SEO, Software Application Development, Software Integration and Software Training

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications benefits you by promoting easy customer engagement and loyalty.  Your customers will easily manage their personal account with your company  through use of mobile application. MISEC develops both Enterprise Mobile Applications and General Mobile Applications.

Web Application Development

Web Applications saves time and makes business management operations more easy. MISEC develops Web Applications based on your business requirements.

Customized Software Development

MISEC is able to analyse your business and develop Software Applications which will make management and customer engagement more easy and hence results in profit maximization. MISEC also provides software integration as a service. In many cases you want different software tools in your company to be linked (integrated). For instance, you want your website to be integrated with a payment gateway to allow your clients to do online payments. All software tools that perform related functions can be linked (integrated) together to promote system automation. MISEC also integrate hardware systems with software systems to promote utilization of hardware system output. For instance, access control systems always save data in a database. This database of the access control system can be integrated with a BI Reporting and useful data analysis reports will be produced  to improve security of your premises.

Software Training

Our Training Courses includes programming language  courses and End-User Training Courses for the Business Systems that we offer. MISEC also offers internship training course full stack website development.

Website Development & Maintenance

MISEC develops different kinds of websites which include e-commerce websites, personal blogs, company website, charity websites, forums and many others. Consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if you want your website to appear first when people search for anything related to your business on internet. MISEC provides Website Maintenance and Website Support Services; MISEC can take care of your website on your behalf.